Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paddleboarding in Style

What every well-dressed girl wears on the lake!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lexi loves to eat . . .

This child will never starve! Whenever our pantry door was left open, she would go in and find something to eat. (She was only able to drag the bag of potatoes a little ways before I caught her.)
And at least some of the food gets into her mouth. (I love the messy face pictures of the food that stayed on the outside!)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

With Help Like This . . .

The boys like to help! . . .

Mow the lawn . . .

Make kolaches
. . .

Eat the kolaches . . .

Gramma bite"

"Lexi bite"

"Jett bite"

"Tyson bite"

And, sometimes too much togetherness leads to time outs!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Brock had a wonderful 1st birthday - the best thing was he passed his cardio check-up with flying colors. We were all excited and relieved! Since Adam and Kasey moved to Minnesota this past weekend, they had a combined birthday party for Brock and Ady (she will turn 4 on May 2nd). Cousins from both sides joined in for the fun at Classic Fun Center and spent most of their time bouncing and sliding on the inflatables. Oakley (15 months old) seemed to enjoy the sliding the most; once she got going she wouldn't even wait for her mom or her dad to go down with her.

As you can tell, chocolate cupcakes were the hit of the evening for eating and, well, making a mess.The next pictures are just some random fun ones - Brock's idea of how to help with the dishwasher . . .
playing in Gramma's bowl cupboard - Brock climbed in the bowl and we thought it was so cute so I took a picture, then Ady climbed in one and wanted her picture taken, too, she just didn't fit as well! . . .

Pepper looking cute on our front lawn . . .
Jett - and Pepper - in their construction safety gear . . .
Jett helping "Papa" mow the lawn . . .
and then trying to figure out what was on his feet!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What a Year!

So, last year, we were waiting for this little
girl to arrive. Oakley will be a year old this
week, and here she is helping her mommy do laundry.

This was not the only change of the year. We definitely had our share of ups and downs! Oakley was born in January, then Lexi and Brock came in April. Brock was born with a bad heart valve, spent his first week of life in the cardio intensive care unit at Primary Children's Hospital, had two surgical procedures in three months, and is now doing well. He will continue to be monitored, and may have to have open heart surgery someday, but things are looking good for now.

Cheryl's dad died on September 1st and Brent's dad died seven weeks later. Also during that time, both of us were laid off work. Teaching jobs are not real plentiful right now, and the districts can hire new teachers for a lot less money than they can hire experienced teachers, so, yeah, we can do the math - no new teaching positions yet. To have some income in the meantime, Brent went to truck driving school and is now driving longhaul. He's gone for a few weeks at a time, then home for a few days, then off on the road again. Cheryl is still doing odd jobs and looking for full-time employment. Actually, she thinks it would be very nice to be independently wealthy so she could play with the grandkids, do family history, and work on scrapbooks all the time! But, that is not happening.

Pepper was born at the end of September (something good had to happen during that time!) Both Lexi and Pepper came early, and neither Natalie or Rachel had time to get an epidural.

To sum that up, we had four new babies, two deaths, and two job losses. But, we want to assure you that life goes on . . . and on . . . and on.

Tyson and Jett both like grampa's big truck!

Brock and Pepper at the swimming pool; notice the totally unexcited looks!

Jett loves being with his grampa; he
has a
really hard time figuring out why
he can see gramma, but not grampa.

Jett has also learned how to climb out of his crib at home, and his playpen bed here. When we opened the door to get him up from his nap, this is the scene that greeted us. All the toys were off of the shelves, but we were not sure what he was trying to accomplish with the stool!

Rachel and I saw these lunch boxes
just after Pepper was born and resisted
buying one then. But Gramma couldn't
resist one for Christmas (and it was on
sale by then!).

This picture is mostly for Natalie. We have two little sleeping bags at our house for the grandkids, but Ady and Tyson have been the only two old enough to use them yet. When Ady saw the other little sleeping bag on the shelf, she said, "That's Tyson's! Where's Tyson?" It was really quite cute, so, Natalie not only do you miss being out here with us, you (or, at least Tyson) are also missed!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good-Bye Dad, Grampa, Great-Grampa

I know I've been very lax in my blogging, and this one won't be a long one or full of pictures. I just wanted to let family and friends know that my father, Waide Hamner, passed away last night. He was 81-years-old, and had survived much during his lifetime -- polio, tuberculosis, and several forms of cancer. The last few years he has been battling post-polio syndrome, another cancer, and Alzheimer's. The Lord, in his mercy, has called him home, and he no longer has to suffer physically. We all agree that it is a blessing, but he will be so greatly missed. Brent, Rachel, Jett, and I got to spend some time with him a couple of weeks ago. He wanted to hold "the little guy" and the picture is of him holding Jett on August 17th. Good-bye, Dad; I love you.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Granddaughters Weekend

On Saturday, I got to watch 5-week-old Oakley while Daniel and Whitney went out for a couple of hours. Oakley now looks around and watches things. While she does stay awake longer, I bored her by reading my abnormal psychology assignment to her. She looks adorable even when asleep.

From Oakley, I went to pick up Ady to come spend a couple of days with us. She is such a character! When I asked her if she wanted to come she said, "Go to Mama's house. Play with dog." (She really likes Fiona, and Fiona is very good with her.)

These pictures show her and Papa building a jewelry holder (one of Lowe's kid's kits). He would tell her to get a nail and show her where to put, and she would then either hold it for him or help him hammer it in. It was very cute to watch.